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Writers are artists. Has anyone ever told you that? If you’re a writer, you’re an artist – a creative who dares to dream; to step out of their comfort zone and put their heart out on the line. And because of this fact, writers are scared.

This fear comes from such a deep-rooted place.

Creating things – no matter what those things are – can get pretty darn terrifying. And it goes one step further when the time comes to present those creations to an audience. This fear comes from deep within. It’s just human nature to be afraid, and that’s especially the case when comes to presenting an ability.

* * *

It Stems From Self-Doubt

You know that voice in the back of your mind that’s always telling you that you aren’t good enough? That right there is the voice of self-doubt.

Self-doubt is the very thing that kills off a lot of plausible dreams; that crushes people’s future ambitions before they’re even fully envisioned. This too, is human nature, and every person on this planet has experienced self-doubt at some point in their life.

Yes, that’s right. Even the literary greats. Even Stephen King and J.K Rowling and James Patterson and Khaled Hosseini. All of those people have endured battles with self-doubt during their wonderful careers. In fact, that’s probably one of the reasons they’re now enduring so much success. They grew in self-doubt; they gained strength from it and it helped them soar to new heights.

* * *

The Process

It’s that voice of self-doubt that is penetrating your consciousness. It’s making itself heard, growing louder than your voice of self-belief, and it’s causing you to cower in fear at the thought of exposing your talent to the world.

You’re constantly telling yourself that you aren’t good enough; that no matter how hard you try, your writing will never ever be good. And because of this, you become scared to show it to people. It’s no good to you, right? So why would it be any good to someone else?

This is the worst philosophy you could ever adopt as a writer.

Following this sort of mindset will only lead you to one destination: terrible writing. Because of this fear, you’ll start writing in a way that isn’t true to you, and if it’s not true to you – your heart and your soul – it will never be a full reflection of your story-crafting capabilities.

In summary: writing from a place of fear – and trying to change your style to suit what you assume people enjoy – will only lead to terrible writing.

* * *

Abolish This Fear And Create

It’s time to step outside of this self-taught mediocrity. You need to develop a sense of inner strength. You need to teach yourself self-belief that is impenetrable. You need to free your mind so that it can create to its truest potential.

Try this: set aside twenty minutes each and every day – ten in the morning and ten at night – and use them to remind yourself over and over again that you are good enough, and that only you can write like you.

We mean it. Literally tell yourself that you’re good enough. Spend those ten minutes staring at yourself in the mirror, telling yourself that you’re an absolute genius, and that you are more than good enough at what you’re doing.

We want you to do this for no other reason than for the simple fact that it’s true. You are good enough. But it doesn’t matter how many times we tell you that… it’ll sound way better coming from you.

* * *

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