Turned on Pendant Lamp

The Prompt

Let’s try something new.

Pick up the first (fictional) book you see and turn to page ninety-three. Scan the page until you find sentence number six. Use that sentence as the opening sentence of your story, and create something based on the avenues it presents.

* * *

What Happens Next?

This is a new concept that we’ve recently seen, and we wanted to share it with you guys. There are so many ways this could potentially go. Just think of how endless the possibilities are. We love this idea!

Let’s just hope you don’t have a Stephen King novel beside you…

* * *

Try this prompt for size and create something based on it. If you do write something, please share it with us in one way or another. Tag us in a post, post it in the comments, send it to us in an email – we’d love to read your work.

Who knows? If you send something our way and we really like the way you write, we might just offer you a discount on our editing services. Or we might even edit a few chapters for free. It’s worth a try on your part.

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