Silhouette of Man

Motivation is a touchy subject when it comes to writing.

It’s a concept that fits into the same category as inspiration, because the two go hand in hand in most situations. It either goes one of two ways. You either get inspired by something, and are thus motivated as a result of that inspiration. Or, you’re motivated by something and put in the half hour that it takes to get inspired.

But do you know what the bad part of those two scenarios is?

The fact that these things come from external sources, and not from your inner self. Things you gain from an outside source can be dangerous. These things aren’t unlimited. In fact, they’re far from it. And that’s why they worry us. You can only suck so much life from one of these sources before the effects subside, leaving you to your own devices. That’s why they’re risky tools to build with.

Do you know what makes for a better building tool?


* * *

You Have To Search Within

This is something we really believe in.

If you’re someone who is always motivated by external means, then you may have to reconsider that. We’ve already highlighted the perils that are associated with this type of process, so you understand why. But what you may be searching for is an alternative. And well, we have exactly that.

Forget the outside sources. Forget watching videos and reading articles (even this one) and listening to podcasts. Forget it all. And instead, focus on searching within yourself. Before you write, grab a silent space and think about your goals. Think about where you want to go in the world of writing and think about what it will take to get you there.

That’s where real motivation comes from. That’s where the best sources of inspiration spiral into existence. If you are able to sit down and channel the desires of your heart, bringing them into the present moment, throwing your tiredness and emotional state to the wind, you put yourself in a great place to write.

Discipline is the key in this wonderful life of writing.

* * *

Search And Conquer

Start searching for your levels of discipline. Start today; start right now.

Just remember that it won’t come easy. But the more you put these things into practice, the easier they’ll be for you to tap into and control. Don’t be discouraged by this. Instead, let it fill your heart with hope and colour.

It’s a magical thing, knowing that your passion is bringing you a valuable life skill. The discipline you learn through writing can be transferred to every aspect of your life, opening up whole new realms for you to explore. If you’re able to channel discipline, you can do all the things you’ve always wished you could.

You could get in better shape; you could save more money; you could do more reading; you could create more content; you could query more agents; you could smile more often – you could literally accomplish so much through the sheer power of discipline.

And the most beautiful part? All of this comes from the one thing you love most. Creating magical words.

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