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Writing a novel is like learning how to fly a plane. Only, there’s no one there to teach you, you have no fuel or wings, and the plane is actually made of paper. Yep, we think that about sums it up.

The Journey

Writing is a personal journey.

It’s a journey that begins in your heart and soul, takes a tour around a once-blank page, and comes full circle to rest once again in your heart and soul. It’s a journey that’s full of love and light and sadness and hardship – that much is true. But it’s important that you own those things, for they will help you grow.

No one ever became a great writer through neglect. You can’t just pick and choose when to write; you can’t move through the process based on motivation or inspiration. Nope. Working in that sort of style is the fastest way to a short-lived career.

What you must do instead is become one with the journey.

When you learn to love every aspect of the process – the good and the bad – you open yourself up to a world of greater achievement. If you can love what you do so much that you love it even on the bad days, you’ll learn that there is actually no such thing.

There are no bad days. Only days in which to build and grow.

Find Your Why

For most of you, writing is both a blessing and a curse. It’s something that you must do – even when you don’t feel like it. It’s something that you can’t ignore or forget about, even when some of the time you really wish you could. It’s both beautiful and ugly. It’s light and dark.

But what we want, is for you to find your why.

Why is it that you cannot ignore this craft? Why is it that no matter how hard it gets, you simply cannot allow yourself to fold and crumble? Why is it that even when there are so many less stressful ways in which to spend your free time, you still wish to involve yourself in such treacherous self-torture?

The answer, we feel, is cowering in the depths of your heart.

You Must Write To Free That

With every word that leaves your brain, you’re one step closer to ultimate freedom. Words – and all their untarnished, unimaginable power – are the most effective way to channel the pain and suffering that your heart has endured. That is your why. That is what you must use writing for: to free yourself from this underlying pain.

It is through your words that you will best channel this. That is why we implore you to write for yourself.

Sure, you could write for the reader or for the agent or for the editors at publishing houses… but if you chose to do so, your writing wouldn’t carry with it the truth and purpose that it would if it was written for you.

When you set out to write for anyone other than yourself, you leave out all the best bits. You forget to imprint your heart on the page. You forget to breathe your breath into the chapters. You forget to paint your life in every word of every sentence. You forget what writing is all about.

And that, in this game, is the ultimate loss.

Forget The External

You need to stop thinking about the numbers and statistics and rejections. It’s all that stuff that’s poisoning you; that’s ruining your chances of discovering the fulfillment you deserve.

Please… we implore you to just try.

Try to forget about the physical journey, and in doing so, become one with your true purpose. Leave the thoughts of publishing and marketing and book sales to the professionals and instead, focus on the words, where they come from, and what they mean to you and your heart and soul.

For it is there, our beautiful writers, where true success is found.

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