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Write with your soul.

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You owe it to yourself you know, to write in a way that frees your soul. Just think about it. Think of all the things you try to hide, the things you try to keep to yourself; the things you’re terrified to let the world see. What better place to release these things than within the pages of a book, represented by your darling creations?

That’s just the power of writing.

You can be whoever you want to be, go anywhere you ever dreamed of, in a matter of hours – and all with the beautiful combination of your mind, a blank page, and a steaming pot of coffee.

You’re scared to tell your parents you hate law school? Guess what? Your main character isn’t. You’re scared your friends will judge you for taking up lacrosse? Guess what? Your main character isn’t. You’re scared to go bungee jumping because you’re afraid of heights? Guess what? You know the drill.

The point is, whatever you’re too intimidated by in real life, is only a few thousand words away.

* * *

It Can Actually Help You

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Believe it or not, conquering your fears in your writing could actually carry over into the real world – especially if you’re someone who writes with deeply emotional connections.

Through experiencing the things you’re scared of in a fictional sense, you’re getting a taste of them, and fictitious taste or not, it’s still a taste. The same applies with reading or watching a movie. If you experience something you’re afraid of in either of those art-forms, chances are your brain will become a little more accustomed to it.

It’s such a beautiful concept, to think that writing can free you on more than just an emotional level. It’s empowering, it’s freeing; it’s what sets your soul on fire. So don’t you dare sit back and neglect the very thing that could grant you freedom.

* * *

Why Would You Write With Anything Other

depressed, disappointed, elderlyEveryone has been there: sat writing something they aren’t all that into, and you have too.

It was probably something boring like an essay for school, or an article for work you couldn’t care less about, or maybe you were helping a family member out with their resume – whatever it may have been, you know the type of writing I’m talking about.

It’s the type you find yourself yawning at, the type you dread; the type that doesn’t leave you panting breathlessly at your keyboard. Isn’t it funny, how the exact same exercise can differ so greatly based on the type of content you’re writing?

It’s the same act. You’re still stringing words together in a way that flows smoothly and reads well, yet, it feels like a whole new type of experience – mainly one that bores the hell out of you.

Well, that’s because of the way you feel about it. If you’re writing about something you aren’t into, chances are it’s going to be a slow, draining process. You’ll yawn every five minutes, you’ll take coffee breaks every ten, and you’ll find that Twitter is your only saviour.

It’s all to do with your soul.

If the topic isn’t right there, buried in the greatest depths of your soul, the act of writing it will go from elegant art-form to blah-blah-blah real quick. You’ll rush to get it finished, you’ll produce sub-par work, and most of all, your soul will be left dissatisfied.

Sure, sometimes we have to write things we aren’t all that buzzed about, but at least grant yourself a reward afterwards, and write about something you love.

* * *

Work It Into Your Routine

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No matter how busy your schedule, there’s always time to write your soul onto the page. Even if it’s just a short story or a couple of meaningful poems, try to make a habit of writing about the things you love. It’s the only way a writer will ever stay sane.

Well… Writers and sanity don’t exactly go hand-in-hand, but every little helps.

* * *

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