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Writing is a sacred art. It’s such a deep and personal thing, and it stems from the sincerest roots of our internal capacity – and that’s the exact reason it’s such a beautiful thing. It’s such a magical moment when writing is shared, because from that writing the world gets a taste of a very special person.

That special person is you.

Yes. We’re talking to you.

* * *

You’re Special

And so is your writing.

Anything that you set out to create in this journey – whether it be a full novel or a two-hundred word journal entry – is beautiful. That’s because of the simple truths. Creation is beautiful, and therefore, the very act alone is such a powerful thing.

Don’t hide from your creative truths… embrace them; live and breathe them like your life depends on it. And truth be told, it probably does… Writing is your life – or at least a huge part of it – and you cannot imagine a day without it. It fulfills you. It empowers you. It makes you the amazing person that you are.

That, first and foremost, is why your writing doesn’t suck.

* * *

Further Analysis

We know, we know… you came here looking for more than just some metaphors about beauty, power, and fulfillment. We get it. We know that those things aren’t all that practical, and that you want a reason – a literal reason that tells you why your writing doesn’t suck.

Well, we can go one better. Here’s a few:

  • Because suck is just a little harsh, don’t you think? Sure, you may not be the best writer, but saying it sucks is taking it pretty far…
  • It’s your writing, and therefore, you won’t ever read it the way someone else will. The ideas came from your head and were born in your heart – they’ll never be as fresh and as interesting to you as they are to someone else. Your writing will never be as good to you as it is to someone else. Never forget that.
  • Your writing is always evolving, so guess what? Even if it does suck (which it doesn’t), it won’t always suck. If you can learn this, and choose to harness it as a strength, you’ll always win in this game. It’s all about patience and discipline. Those two traits make for great writing.

* * *

Do It For You

Your writing should always start and end with you. If you’re writing for a reader, then sure, you should consider them along the way, but if your writing strays away from writing what you love, you’re doing it all wrong.

And plus, your writing can never truly suck if you write it for yourself…

* * *

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