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No matter what you choose to do in life, there’s always space for a morning routine. It may be that you want to explore early rising to excel in relation to your profession, or maybe you want to apply it to everyday life to see how it changes your daily mood.

Whatever the reason, a morning routine is a great asset for anyone.

They’re just like a lot of things in life: they come in many shapes and sizes. They mean different things to different people and can vary greatly. Some people might see a morning routine as having coffee at the exact same time it the exact same spot, others might see it as a two mile run and an hour of reading.

It’s not the details of the routine that matter, but rather, that it simply exists.

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They Put You In A Positive Frame Of Mind

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There’s no greater feeling that getting up early and doing something that is both productive and close to your heart. That’s the key part about whatever it is you choose to have as your morning routine: make sure it’s something you enjoy.

When you wake early and carry out a task in relation to something you enjoy, you wake with a smile on your face. Say you love reading, and read for an hour every morning before you start work, it’ll put you in a great mood – fully ready to start your day.

It’s that hour that makes the difference. You’ve been up an hour already. You’re fully awake and you’ve done something to put a smile on your face. Picture how different your day would turn out if you rolled out of bed and headed straight to work – totally different, is your answer.

That’s one of the best things about a morning routine. When you put one in place, you walk out into the big wide world smiling, and the world is smiling back.

* * *

They’re Great For Mental and Physical Health

approve, black-and-white, handIf you’re an exercise fanatic, your morning routine could include a two mile run and a sprint circuit. Not only would this be a great start to your day from a health and fitness perspective, but it would promote added happiness too, because of the endorphins you’d release while working out.

Even if you aren’t into fitness, morning routines are still great for mental health. This is because you get that feeling of purpose when you get up early and get after something productive. It gives you a sense of achievement because you know you’re one of few people up this early, making moves and getting things done.

Thinking like this can put you in a great mood for the rest of your day, and your productivity levels will be increased throughout. Do this everyday, and you’d likely be the most productive person you know.

* * *

They Increase Productivity

adult, brainstorming, businessThis is especially relevant if your routine has you up early, kicking ass before the break of dawn.

The earlier you wake, the earlier you’re properly awake – and yes, there is a difference. This basically means that you will have a couple of extra hours each morning to work on whatever you like. This one’s great for you writers. You could make it your morning routine to write a thousand words before work every morning.

This is a great way to extinguish your excuses too. If you do this, you can no longer lie to yourself by saying you don’t have time to write, or try to blow it off because you’re ‘too tired after work’.

Just write before work – problem solved.

The truth is, most morning routines will require an earlier rise than you’d perhaps like. But, it’s this early rise that’s going to instill you with so much more productivity.

* * *

Do You Have One?

If you haven’t found something for a morning routine, or have never thought about having one, you should definitely consider it. They’re great for all of the reasons in this list, and for so many more.

They aren’t just for business executives, you know. We all know the stories and articles – the ones that urge you to get up and go power-walking at 5 a.m. just like *insert millionaire X* does.

Although this is cliche, it’s also kind of true. A morning routine is a huge part of most successful peoples’ lives. So if you want to be successful, this could be a good place to start. It’s all about making the most of the time we have each and every day, and a morning routine is a good way to do just that.

Try one for yourself, and find yourself smiling all day long. With morning routines, you aren’t just ready to conquer your day. You’re ready to conquer the goddamn world.


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