Liam J Cross

It’s a godawful feeling when you sit down to write, only to discover that you can’t quite find your flow. No matter what you do; what you try or how you try it, you just can’t find that creative groove. The words just won’t come out.

So now you find yourself sat at the keyboard silently, questioning your life choices, wondering if you’ll ever find your creativity again.

It’s a rough old road, finding yourself burdened by such travesty. It almost feels as if attempting to create would be a waste of time, because, after all, you’re lacking the one thing you need most in order to do so: creativity. You feel like it would be better to just give up.

But don’t do that. Don’t even think about it.

When problems arise in life, there’s always a solution. It may not be an obvious one, or even one that sounds remotely doable, but there’s always¬†something.¬†And when it comes to the problem of lost creativity, it appears you have just found your solution.

Or three of them, to be precise.

* * *

#1: Up And At ‘Em

Woman Wearing Brown Sequin Dress Laying on the BedThis is perhaps the last thing you wanted to see on this list, but oh well, that’s too late. It’s already here.

Waking early and getting a head start on your day is a great way to boost that feel-good factor – the thing that keeps you smiling. Think of it as a self-confidence boost, something that tells you you’re motivated and dedicated, and that if you set your mind to it, you can do it.

With such laziness in the world these days, waking up early will set you apart from the crowd, and based on your waking time alone, you’ll feel a sense of achievement. With this added sense of purpose, you’ll become more motivated in a sub-conscious way, and thus, your creativity shall flow.

#2: An Hour Of Reading

blur, blurred, bookFind your favourite book and read it for an hour. It’s best to do this first thing, before you begin your work, so that you make use of the full benefit of it. You could even couple it with the previous suggestion – wake up early and read for an hour. That will surely get you going.

Not only is reading great for your mood, but it’s also a great way to learn without actually trying. Reading is fun. It’s an escape from reality and an all-round adventure, and the more you read, the more you learn. Your vocabulary expands, the way you string sentences together gets better; your understanding of narrative function grows – it’s great.

Reading is just an excellent tool to use, so if you feel your creative juices are dwindling, give reading a try and feel the benefits for yourself.

#3: An Hour Of Exercise

adult, athlete, barbell

Again, probably not something you wanted to see, but here we are.

It’s nothing but scientific fact: exercise is one of the best ways to relieve stress and clear your mind. I mean, nothing could be better than beating the crap out of a huge tire with a sledgehammer when you’re feeling rundown. And hey, it sure beats doing the same to someone’s poor head and winding up in jail…

Think about it: how are you meant to be creative when your mind is so full of slush? You can’t – at least not to your full capacity. A clear mind is a creative mind, so be sure to try clearing yours with some hammer-swinging goodness!

* * *

Give Them A Try

What do you have to lose? Chances are, you’re already feeling sorry for yourself because you’re lacking that creative spark, so what could you possibly lose by giving these a try? I’m sure you’d be pleasantly surprised by how effectively some of these tricks work.

Sure, they’re simple, but it’s usually the simplest things that work with the most consistency.

Give these tricks a try and stick at them. Heck, do all three at once if you have the time and willpower. Let’s get motivated and let’s get it done. No matter how hard things get, how many problems are thrown your way, it’s always up to you to solve them. So hop to it.

Your creativity is waiting.

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