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A lot of things matter in life.

Your family and friends – the people you love. Your work/life balance. Your mental health. Your passions and desires. Your Journey to success. The list is very long, and that’s because of the simple fact that a lot of things matter in life.

One we feel is underrepresented, though, is the ability to overlook people’s opinions.

Of course, that’s very hard to do – especially if those opinions come from someone you care about. But it is possible. The negative opinions aren’t the problem, the problem is that you’re listening.

There’s so much freedom in putting yourself out there. And so much more in doing so without caring at all about what people think. Life gets way simpler when you give up on the opinions of others. We really want you to try it for yourself. It will be hard. But that’s why we wrote this article.

Remember: freedom lies not in doing things, but in doing them without a single thought of what someone else might think of you.

* * *

#1: Dance In Public (Seriously)

adolescent, adult, black and whiteIf you’ve ever done this, you’ll know what we mean.

We’re not talking about in an organised performance or at a festival or gig. What we mean here is walk out into the city – on your own – and just dance. Dance around the corner; as you go by the shop window; when you walk out of the restaurant – just dance. And sing too. Talk to strangers. Heck, do a forwards roll – we don’t care.

The point here isn’t that you’re dancing, the point here is that you’re drawing attention to yourself gradually, in a controlled sort of way. Sure, it’s terrifying. And chances are high that most people will look at you and think you’re crazy. But you want to know the best part?

You don’t care.

#2: Talk To Those You Care About

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And those who care about you in return.

We don’t just mean in general terms, we mean about deeper things. About the things you’ve never told anyone before. This will scare you, and that’s what you want from it. The experience as a whole can be so daunting, but breaking it down is a great way to help – so make sure you start small.

Maybe reveal a secret via text message or say something minor in person. And then, as your confidence begins to build, start revealing more personal stuff, discussing issues and problems that you never thought you’d share. After a while of practicing this, it’ll all begin to feel like a natural thing to do. And that’s when you’re ready.

This process will get you used to vocalising your insecurities, and over time, you’ll stop caring what other people think about those insecurities. You’ve already put them out there. You’ve let them feel as real as they possibly can. Now you don’t hide from those insecurities, you own them.

And if you do that, there’s nothing anyone could ever say to make you feel bad about them.

#3: Curse Around Strangers (Again, Seriously)

Woman Sitting in Front of Table Beside Man Leaning on LaptopOne of the main worries people tend to develop is a fear of what people will think about the ‘rude’ things they say. What do you care if someone finds you vulgar or rude? If that’s who you are, then you deserve to own it.

Now, this one has it’s place. Don’t go cursing in front of a bunch of kids – that’s just morally wrong. But when the situation is right, never hold back on the freedom of self-expression. It doesn’t have to be a curse word. There’s just as much power in saying the things you want to say, when you want to say them.

Don’t hold back. Just be undeniably you.

* * *

Please Try These

We beg you to try some of these steps. Even if you go about it super slowly, just give them a try and think about how it feels to be yourself. There’s so much power in it.

Without the true freedom of self-expression, you’re just like everyone else. And doesn’t that scare you a little? The only way to be your true self, is by letting go of other people’s opinions.

Listen to them, subtract what matters, ignore the rest, and just be yourself. It won’t take you long to see why that’s a beautiful thing.

* * *

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