Liam J Cross

So you started your blog and you were ridiculously excited to get to work on it. You were looking forward to posting fresh new content every couple of days and had hundreds of ideas for possible posts and collaborations. You felt as though this was it, this was your big breakthrough; the final step on your journey towards success. Blogs are always successful, they lead to sales and leads and money and fame. This was your time to shine.

Only now it’s been a few months, you’ve ran out of ideas, your fingers hurt from typing and if you have to copy and paste one more stupid damn link for photo credit you might just go up in flames. And to top it all off, you’ve realised that no one really cares what your’re talking about or what you have to say – after a grand total of thirty posts and lots of hours spent working at this, you’ve amassed a grand total of seven followers. This alone is enough to make you want to quit, then you see another damn link and it’s the final straw.

You close the page, close your laptop, and never look at your blog again.

There you have it folks, that is the lifespan of the majority of blogs out there. They’re started, worked on for a little, and then left to go stale because no one wants anything to do with it – sort of like each end of a loaf of bread.

That and that alone is the biggest reason as to why most blogs fail pretty darn miserably. But if it does happen like that, how on earth do you stay motivated enough to grind out those hard times to achieve the growth you’re looking for?

Well buckle up those seat belts and let me take you on a little journey.

Feed Your Passion

If you’re someone who is passionate about great food and cooking, yet started a blog that is centred around mixed martial arts, then we have just discovered your problem. You should never elect to write about a topic just because it fits in with the motion of society. Writing for views and followers will only result in one thing: an abruptly deleted blog once you get sick and tired of writing about things you aren’t passionate about.

If you do run a blog based on food and cooking, try to come up with new and original post ideas – surf the web with different post titles and try to find something that hasn’t been done before. Keep things fresh and think outside of the usual box. There are lots of articles you could post on a blog to do with food. Rather than posting recipe ideas and other obvious things alike, why not entertain your audience with a post that covers the most disastrous kitchen nightmares you’ve ever came across – that’s a topic that is sure to include some humour.

Keep it fresh, keep it simple; keep it to do with what you love.

Don’t Compare Your Stats to Already-Established Blogs

And if you simply cannot prevent yourself from doing so, acknowledge the fact that they were also once in the same boat as you.

There isn’t a single blog on this planet that saw great success overnight. Granted, some do see it sooner than others do, but the science behind their success is always very similar. Blogs are successful because a lot of hard work and effort goes into them, which means that you can’t just create one and expect it to get a million views in its first month. Much like a lot of things in life, it takes time.

So based on this, never compare your blogs to those that are already established – if you do, you’re only asking for trouble. It’s sure to get you down, and you’ll start to question the whole process before it has even properly begun. You’ll wonder if it’s all worth it and you’ll tell yourself it’s not. You’ll tell yourself that you’re a talentless nobody and that you should just quit.

And then that’s what you’ll do. You’ll quit. And if you do that, you’re never going to know if your blog could be the next in line to take the title of the most viewed blog in the world. So don’t give up prematurely, you never know how close you might just be!

Celebrate the Small Victories

There’s a great way to stay motivated that anyone can put into practice starting right now: celebrate the little things.

You see, this is a journey; all of life is a journey, and it’s learning to love the smaller things that really makes a difference. You’ve got to learn to love the hard work and the process, the nights of little sleep and early morning rises. And then, when the time comes, you have to celebrate those small victories.

When you hit your first 100 subscribers, celebrate as if it’s 1,000,000 you’ve just hit. Get excited by every single like, comment and new subscriber you gain and don’t become obsessed with the higher totals. If you can master this, you’ll always be motivated, because you’ll be excited for every single tiny piece of engagement that you get with each post.

That’s the secret here, learning to get excited by every tiny step you take. And that doesn’t just apply to blogging, that applies to life in general. The happiest moments in our lives are the ones we look forward to most, so imagine just how blessed we’d truly be if we lived our lives in excitement for every day that is set to dawn.


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