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No one cares about them. The end.

Wait…were you hoping for more? Were you hoping that we’d come up with some beautiful words that would help you? That would make you feel all warm and fuzzy? That would let you know that it’s somehow okay to make excuses?

Well, you were wrong.

Excuses are the most poisonous things that will ever leave your body. They’re the downfall of your soul. From the very second they’re spawned, you lose a tiny little piece of your inner self. You lose a tiny piece of you.

They deny you from achieving your full potential.

With every excuse you give, your dreams and ambitions get further and further away. You’re losing the person you can become; who you want to become. And do you know what the worst part is? You’re losing all that potential greatness to nothing — or no one — but your current self.

The person who you currently are — with all your emotional baggage and past reflective crap — is starving you of your potential success. Just think about it for a second. Is that okay with you? Are you okay with living a mediocre existence? Are you okay with missing out on the greatness you could achieve? On the eternal life you could bathe in?

And for what? For some temporary fulfillment? Some ‘well-deserved’ rest? Because right now, you ‘don’t really feel like it’? Are all those temporary, minuscule gains worth all those years of regret?

* * *

Let’s Get One Thing Straight

Or maybe a couple things… you get the point.

We’re not for a single second saying that there’s no such thing as a valid excuse. Well, not excuse exactly, because when it’s valid, we prefer to call it a reason. Like sure, if your mom, dad, and little brother died in a tragic car accident, that’s a pretty decent reason to skip work the next day. That is not the type of thing we’re talking about.

What we’re talking about are the total bullcrap excuses that people spit.

“I’m tired.”

“He has more money than I do.”

“But she was born rich.”

“But I don’t know how.”

“But I don’t have time.”

“But I can’t, because… there’s like, this really hot chick that I have a date with, and I, like, really just wanna… y’know.”

“But I broke my leg.”

There are tons of excuses that people come out with, and these are the things that need to stop. If you’re using those excuses, or anything even remotely like them, you need to seriously reconsider your life. If you’re as hungry as you think you are, excuses like that wouldn’t even cross your mind.

Another thing.

We’re also not addressing those people who have no interest in achieving anything in life. If you’re genuinely happy to sit on your butt twelve hours a day, play Call of Duty, and watch Game of Thrones, then go for it.

If you do that with a smile on your face, and don’t complain about things, and just don’t put in the work because you literally don’t want to… then congrats. You’ve won the game of life.

Our message isn’t for you. It’s for the people who think they want something; who say they want something… yet continue to make crappy excuses as to why they can’t achieve it.

* * *

Think About It

These aren’t opinions that you’re reading. They’re facts. This is intangible. You may not like that we’re calling you out, and hey, you may not even agree with us. And you know what? That’s okay.

It doesn’t change the fact that if you want something — if you want something as bad as you tell everyone around you you do — then excuses are never a good idea. They shouldn’t even cross your mind.

Put your bullcrap aside, pull up your big boy/girl panties, and let’s start making your actions align with your mouth. Because you can think you want it. Heck, you can climb up on a rooftop and scream it to the heavens. But that doesn’t change the realest fact in the game.

That you’ll never ever get there if you keep making excuses.

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