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A Poetry Prompt: Wingless Angel

The Purpose: Okay, hopeless romantics, this week’s poetry prompt goes out to you. Love is one of the most popular sub-topics in the wonderful world of poetry. Throughout time, literary greats have churned out love poem after love poem, as if no other emotions exist. Some of the greatest pieces ever were centred around love, […]

A Poetry Prompt: Pumpkin Patch

It’s October! And that’s an exciting time for the writing community. Halloween is always a great time of the year for writers. The horror vibes creep into your stories, the movie marathons begin, the nights become dark and welcoming – it’s the ultimate time of inspiration when it comes to telling tales. And, of course, […]

Writing A Novel: Choosing Your Protagonist

Writing a novel is hard. It’s like trying to decide whether the chicken or the egg came first, while at the same time, cooking chicken in a freezer and frying eggs with a naked flame in the Alaskan snow. Writing a novel is hard. And that’s why we’re here to help. Your Main Character Matters […]

A Fun Writing Prompt

But, shouldn’t all writing prompts be fun? Well, yes. And we hope they are. But this particular prompt is built on a funny detail that will really put your imagination to the test. That’s what these things are all about, after all: testing the boundaries of your imagination to see what wonderful creations you can […]

Writing Prompt: Plot-Twist

No matter who you are or what you do, it’s important to splash out and explore new avenues in life. If you didn’t, life would become stale; it would become mundane and pointless, and it would feel like a waste of existence. The same very much applies to life as a writer. If you wish […]

A Detailed Writing Prompt

Think of writing prompts as a writer’s photograph to study before they begin painting the blank canvass – only with words rather than images. Writing prompts are there to offer a guiding hand; to point struggling writers towards the safety of words, where writer’s block cannot hurt them. If you’ve ever found yourself struggling with […]

A Writing Prompt for the Horror Fans

Writing prompts are there to aid writers; they’re there to get them over that initial hurdle of developing an idea from nothing but a blank screen. They’re perfect for those times when you can’t quite make a start, when the words won’t flow; when your fingers essentially refuse to type. So, because these prompts, and […]

Writing Prompt: A Choice Between Right and Wrong

Helpful Little Creatures If you’ve never made use of a writing prompt before, you’re either one of two things; there are no alternatives. The first option, is that you’re simply a linguistic, novel-crafting genius who never runs out of new ideas and who always keeps their pen gliding across the page. Or two, and the […]


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