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The Keys to Success #10: Believe and Achieve

I’m sure that you’re all wholly familiar with this expression. It is widely used by motivational speakers and gurus far and nigh, and although it is rather generic and lacking uniqueness – there is an element of truth to the perhaps overused expression. The main message behind it is all to do with self-belief. That […]

Micro-Poetry #20

1: As the world smiles down on us – It’s final show of teeth, Final glint of light. The storm dies out, Blackness swarms & the enveloping shallowness Swallows me whole.   2: I run towards the echoing sound, A coo of light in the unsearchable dark – A patch so untainted, That only vision […]

The Keys to Success #3:Work F*CKING Harder

You heard correctly! Work FUCKING harder! It’s really as simple as it sounds. No matter who you are or how hard you are working (or how hard you may think that you are working) there’s always someone out there doing more, working harder; being more. Always. Not one successful person on this planet became successful […]

The Keys to Success #1: Realising Who YOU Truly Are

I think it’s an easy thing to do in life: to become distracted by everyday dry spells and lose focus on what really matters. To become so absorbed in social-media and the lives of others that we forget to focus on the life that really matters – our own! We forget to work, we forget […]

Random Blogging #7: Or a Lack of Rather…

Good morrow all! Jeez it’s been a busy week – and it hasn’t even reached it’s climax yet. Work this week has been hectic: Monday-Saturday, and let me tell you… When those hours are put in doing my job, you’re in for a tough week. When you couple my money-making work schedule with my writing […]


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