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Writing Tips/Insights #10: The Dreaded First Draft

First drafts… Well, where do I start? And that, coincidentally and rather ironically, is often the thought that I have when I first set out on the adventure of writing my first draft. Once you’ve outlined your plot and developed some character ideas and motives, it is usually about time to put pen to paper […]

Writing Tips/Insights #9: Live A Lot, Write A Lot

If you’re anything like me (someone who loves the outdoors to begin with) then this won’t be an issue for you. Chances are you make time every now and then to get yourself out to some beautiful, serene spots to enjoy the tranquility of the outdoor world and all that comes with it. You probably […]

Writing Tips/Insights #6: Don’t be Afraid to Fail

In the words of one of my biggest idols, Arnold Schwarzenegger: don’t be afraid to fail. Now he also said: you can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets – but that is a title for a different post. Both quotes are right and both hold a special place in my […]

Writing Tips/Insights #5: Writers Unite!

There’s nothing worse than feeling alone. I’m telling you this from experience. There’s nothing worse than feeling as if there’s no one to turn to, as if there’s no one there. As if they never were, as if they never will be. Being stuck in a room full of people, a place so packed with […]

Writing Tips/Insights #3: Write the Book You Want to Read

Have you ever tried writing in a genre that you don’t particularly enjoy? Or don’t enjoy at all for that matter? Even if it’s just a couple of thousand words? Well, as a ghostwriter, I certainly have and let me tell you: it is nowhere near as fun as writing in your favourite genre or […]

Writing Tips/Insights #1: You Are a Writer!

And write you shall! I’m going to kick-start this series in a nice and simple manner. But that doesn’t make what I’m about to say any less relevant. Heck, don’t listen to me if you don’t want to. Who am I to take advice from? I’m an unpublished 19 year old who is only just […]


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