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Micro-Poetry #21

1: Guided by the flames, The ones that scorched my smile, Charcoaled my senses, Burned my desire. Though the very same ones: Light up the dark as they crackle, Light up the way – And I become one with their glow. Guided by the flames.   2: The sky becomes a canvass, On which the […]

Writing Tips/Insights #3: Write the Book You Want to Read

Have you ever tried writing in a genre that you don’t particularly enjoy? Or don’t enjoy at all for that matter? Even if it’s just a couple of thousand words? Well, as a ghostwriter, I certainly have and let me tell you: it is nowhere near as fun as writing in your favourite genre or […]

Micro-Poetry #12

1: Futility: Words of stiffness amounting to nothingness, Pain of anger-filled outbursts, Burned by the flames of the rage-fuelled fire; Scorched, scarred and charred: Feeling the bitter sting eternally.   2: I feel the burden, I feel it. Sporadically. Heavy like the weight of one thousand men, Then sometimes as if never to be seen […]

Micro-Poetry #11

1: Have you ever felt the glint of twilight’s kiss? The sinful truths of starry bliss? Or just bitter realities as darkness swarms? As the futility of coldness never warms.   2: Shrouded in the feeling, A sensation which sometimes goes on unanswered; A present time filled with past embodiment, Shrouded in the bitter stinging […]

Micro-Poetry #10

1: Seeming impossible, To become, To wield, To be powerful – Though conquering life Comes at the weakest of times.   2: A blissful entrancement, An emancipation, Of the fleeting desire to become, Colliding as one, To the sound of death’s beating drum – Laying in the ground in a rot, Rotting to the sound […]

Micro-Poetry #8

1: Seemingly inevitable, Yet all at once far-fetched: Denial, refusal – To believe that the flames Burn brighter on the other side, That ashes rebirth broken souls.   2: A forest – Captivated in glinting light of moon, Captured within: Fearful town-folk as the shrieker shrieks And the darkness bears its fangs.  

Micro-Poetry #7

1: Evolving memories, Spiralling, Into confusion, beyond sanity: A bottomless pit in which solitude Is the only entity.   2: I turned to you and kissed your lips, Though only in my imagination. The truth ran through me, Iced like a lake in winter – Freezing the warmth; Reminding me that you are nothing But […]

Lifetime Bliss

Darkness abound, The earth hath no sound For the trees in the ground, Lay still, beauty bound. The ever-growing twilight Seeps willingly in my sight, When luminosity meets dark: Tenebrosity – absurdly stark. Clouds dotted amongst the sky Effortlessly floating, growing nigh; Tranquility is all to hear As my lifetime bliss is growing near.  

Micro-Poetry #6

1: As the sun sets and the sky darkens – Give a breath, Relieve your soul; Fend off the dark. For when morning comes: The sun shall rise & all will be bright again.   2: Wallowing stargazers Seeking freedom in the sky; Seeking bliss among solitude, Among isolation Tasting the freshness of the darkened […]

Micro-Poetry #5

1: An abolishment: A glint of fortune’s rage, Becoming blossoming flower – As turmoil turns a page.   2: Heritage; Lavished contamination, Of entirety, Of nation; Of a land before sunlight, Before it dawned and shone its rays.   3: Twilight’s kiss among stars, Destiny of intertwinement. O’ how hath rage be thrown upon us? […]

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