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Tag / thought provoking

Micro-Poetry #12

1: Futility: Words of stiffness amounting to nothingness, Pain of anger-filled outbursts, Burned by the flames of the rage-fuelled fire; Scorched, scarred and charred: Feeling the bitter sting eternally.   2: I feel the burden, I feel it. Sporadically. Heavy like the weight of one thousand men, Then sometimes as if never to be seen […]

Micro-Poetry #11

1: Have you ever felt the glint of twilight’s kiss? The sinful truths of starry bliss? Or just bitter realities as darkness swarms? As the futility of coldness never warms.   2: Shrouded in the feeling, A sensation which sometimes goes on unanswered; A present time filled with past embodiment, Shrouded in the bitter stinging […]

Micro-Poetry #6

1: As the sun sets and the sky darkens – Give a breath, Relieve your soul; Fend off the dark. For when morning comes: The sun shall rise & all will be bright again.   2: Wallowing stargazers Seeking freedom in the sky; Seeking bliss among solitude, Among isolation Tasting the freshness of the darkened […]


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