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That Important Decision in Relation to Your Goals

Have you ever found yourself sat in absolute self-torment trying to figure out what you should do; which road you should walk down. You see, our minds are tricky beasts, and if allowed to, can turn even the simplest of decisions against us. Our mind makes easy things difficult – that’s how it works most […]

Remaining Positive Through Your Micro-Loss

A micro-loss is a term that is often used to describe a loss that is small and insignificant in comparison to another loss; one which may be harder to take. Though if you ask me, it all comes down to perspective and optimism. In the grand scheme of things, the only time you macro-lose is […]

Writing Prompt: A Choice Between Right and Wrong

Helpful Little Creatures If you’ve never made use of a writing prompt before, you’re either one of two things; there are no alternatives. The first option, is that you’re simply a linguistic, novel-crafting genius who never runs out of new ideas and who always keeps their pen gliding across the page. Or two, and the […]

The Keys to Success #18: You Do Have Time

THE TIME IS NOW Whatever it is you choose to do in your life, please, I implore you, just don’t be that guy or that girl, the one who is always complaining about how they don’t have time to do the thing they love, or even attempt it. Because not only are those people the […]

The Keys to Success #12: Stand By Yourself

If there’s one thing that I truly believe in life, one value that I hold above all, it’s standing by what you believe in. Even if you’re the only person who holds that belief in a sea of many who wholeheartedly disagree – don’t let the waves overwhelm you. Simply stand tall, hold your head […]

The Keys to Success #11: Creativity in the Field

Get creative! These are two words that can have quite a lot of meaning. They can be somewhat ambiguous, they can cause confusion or you might just read them and think: YES! And just get the exact message that you need to receive. In this context though, I am telling you to get creative in […]

The Keys to Success #10: Believe and Achieve

I’m sure that you’re all wholly familiar with this expression. It is widely used by motivational speakers and gurus far and nigh, and although it is rather generic and lacking uniqueness – there is an element of truth to the perhaps overused expression. The main message behind it is all to do with self-belief. That […]

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