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Amidst the sound of time, exists the sound of timelessness. A realm outside of the space time continuum. Where boundaries of realism are stretched and twisted, curled and intertwined – in ways that mere mortals can only begin to imagine. In ways that science can’t explain. That souls can’t explore. A space so dark that […]

Another Excerpt From My First Novel

This is an extract from my first novel. It is an ambiguous, reoccurring dream which my mentally ill protagonist suffers from after killing his young cousin. Enjoy! A dream: I ascended into the evening sky, beyond the feathery clouds. The stars were liberally caressing me as I became levitated, gravity had been subjugated, and it […]

An Unedited, Totally Improvised, Tension Piece:

Good evening ya’ll! I’m just sitting down to begin my evening writing session and I thought that I’d type a random short piece of writing and upload it totally raw. I hope to create a piece which contains a little tension and suspense. Maybe an element of horror too. I dunno, let’s just see what […]

Random Blogging #9: The First Draft is Done!

Today is a glorious day! No not the weather – we’re in England! But a glorious day because, today is the day during which I completed the first draft of my 2nd novel. Now give me my round of applause! I started writing it in February and now, here we are 3 months and 77,000 […]


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