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Random Blogging #6: Basking in the Sun at Work!

Hello all! I’m currently sitting on the ramp that leads up to the back of our van. In fact, make that lying, not sitting. I’m lying on the ramp checking off some things on my to do list (things which I did before I started work) whilst enjoying some sunlight. You see, we’ve got the […]

Random Blogging #5: A Moment of Hilarity!

Today, I was driving to Asda – which is something that I do most days – and on the way I was greeted by a moment of hilarity (as you can probably tell by the title) and I am going to share with you that moment right now! As I took the slip road for […]

Random Blogging #1

Welcome to ‘Random Blogging’! A series of posts in which I ramble about anything and everything, as and when it crosses my mind. A showcase of my thoughts. It could be anything from something interesting that has happened in my day to an episode of random thoughts (which by-the-way, I seem to have in abundance…). […]


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