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Micro-Poetry #29

Hello beautiful reader! – yes, I’m talking to you. Today I’m going to try something a little different with these micro-poems, I’m going to make them very micro, like a three or four lines max, and see how that works out. The beautiful thing about micro-poetry for me, is having the ability to say so […]

A Quote

I came up with this quote the other day when I was looking back over my achievements over the past 6 months. This quote is one that I really need to learn and pay attention to myself, as it is often the thing which I struggle the most with. My two main struggles at the […]

Some More of My Quotes

Here are another few quotes of mine that I would like to share with you: #1 – “The last thing you want to do is quite often the first thing you NEED to do. So start now, and harness your dreams!” #2 – “Do not allow the true notion of happiness to become corrupted by the […]

Starting the Day With Some Inspiration

I thought that I’d provide you with some positive and inspiring quotes that I have been randomly coming up with over the last few years. I’ll think one up in the most unexpected situations – while driving, at work, lying in bed at night, while reading, pretty much anytime – and write them into the […]


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