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Writing A Novel: What Is An Anti-Plot?

Writing a novel is like painting. Only… you don’t have paint, you don’t have a brush, and you don’t have any artistic skill at all. You just have your brain, the alphabet, and a big ole blank page. Yup. We think that pretty much sums it up. Previous Discussions We’ve already talked a lot about […]

A Poetry Prompt: Pumpkin Patch

It’s October! And that’s an exciting time for the writing community. Halloween is always a great time of the year for writers. The horror vibes creep into your stories, the movie marathons begin, the nights become dark and welcoming – it’s the ultimate time of inspiration when it comes to telling tales. And, of course, […]

A Writing Prompt: Tangled

The Purpose This week’s prompt is all about pacing, hence the short nature of it (you’ll see). We want you to craft a scene based on fast pacing and clear details. We want the picture to be painted for the reader as soon as possible so that the intended suspense can kick in fast. Focus […]

A Poetry Prompt: Clarity

The Purpose This week’s prompt has arrived. This one is designed to make you focus on the bigger picture in your writing. You have freedom with the structure here. There’s no specific rhythm or pace to attempt – just go with the flow and see where it takes you. The main thing to take into […]

A Writing Prompt: Choices

The Purpose This prompt has one purpose and one purpose only: it’s going to inspire you to write something that’s a little creepy and full of tension. It’s great to have scenes such as the one this prompt will inspire in your locker. Tension is never to be frowned upon. It exists in every book. […]

Writing A Novel: The One Page Plan Of Storytelling

Writing a novel is like frying an egg. You’re going to curse incessantly, get sweats from the heat, and create a whole lot of mess before you ever get it right. The Concept Of Planning There are many resources online that go into great detail about how you should plan your novel. Some say you […]

A Poetry Prompt: Cold

The Purpose Poetry is a great resource – even if you are reading this as someone who writes novels. How? Because they teach you the art of well-refined and to-the-point prose. If you can learn rhythm, you can learn writing. For this prompt, we want you to focus on creating rhythm. Try to form a […]

A Writing Prompt: Salvation

The Purpose For today’s prompt, we want you to focus on creating great tension and the importance of world-building. It’s because of this that we’re choosing to set this one up from an alternate earth standpoint. The protagonist has woken up and encountered some weird and terrible things. He just wants to go back to […]

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