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Writing A Novel: Do You Need A Prologue?

Writing a novel is like journeying the ocean… But in this instance, you’ve no boat, no equipment, and you can’t bleeding swim! (That, our writing friends, is a very English expression…) An Ever-Growing Debate It’s a topic we see a lot in the community: in heated discussions on Twitter, rage-infused debates in Instagram comments, back-and-forth […]

A Poetry Prompt: Wingless Angel

The Purpose: Okay, hopeless romantics, this week’s poetry prompt goes out to you. Love is one of the most popular sub-topics in the wonderful world of poetry. Throughout time, literary greats have churned out love poem after love poem, as if no other emotions exist. Some of the greatest pieces ever were centred around love, […]

A Writing Prompt: A Lie Amid The Truth

The Purpose This prompt is going to stir all kinds of terribly beautiful ideas. On this wonderful Friday, we’re taking it back to tension. We’re going to paint a scenario that fills your head with lots of insane twists and turns. By the end of this prompt, you’ll have thought of and outlined an entire […]

Writing A Novel: Dealing With The Paralysis Of Writer’s Block

Writing a novel is like skydiving. The only problem is, you don’t have a parachute. Where There’s A Will… …there’s an over-stressed writer. Look, we know how it gets. You get a project in your mind, you plan it out, you think it through; you become utterly obsessed with every single aspect of it. You […]

A Poetry Prompt: Smiles

The Purpose This week’s prompt is here, and its mission is to spread the happiest of happy vibes. We’re all about the positivity here, and we wanted to kick things off this week with a truckload of it. From a writing skills perspective, we’re going to use this one to work on our emotive writing. […]

A Writing Prompt: The Eye Of The Storm

The Purpose This prompt comes at you from a different angle to our usual writing prompts. This one is more focussed on creating a solid scene description – that’s what we want you to think about when working on this one. Scene descriptions are such a huge part of writing. When working on them here, […]

NaNoWriMo: Five Tips To Help You Win

Ah, NaNoWriMo. It’s that wonderful time of year where writers around the globe tear an extra clump of their hair out every day for a month. Each new day equals a new clump of extracted hair. We figured it could be more aptly names. National Balding Month seems much more fitting… And guess what? It’s […]

A Poetry Prompt: Still

We really believe in poetry – even if you don’t typically write it. Poetry is a great way to hone your narrative voice. It’s a great way to learn expression and the art of the written word. Once you master poetry (or at least your own version of it), you can harness those skills to […]

A Writing Prompt: Disguised

The Purpose This prompt is here to get your mind on sentence structure. As you already know, sentence structure is a huge part of writing great fiction. Who wants to read a book that isn’t clean and well-presented, placing great emphasis on clarity, flow, and precision? Not us. And you shouldn’t, either. When you dive […]

Writing A Novel: What Is An Anti-Plot?

Writing a novel is like painting. Only… you don’t have paint, you don’t have a brush, and you don’t have any artistic skill at all. You just have your brain, the alphabet, and a big ole blank page. Yup. We think that pretty much sums it up. Previous Discussions We’ve already talked a lot about […]

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