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Micro-Poetry #25

Hello again! Looks like I got some positive feedback on my last one of these – thank you for the support! In that case, I shall carry the series on. If you guys are enjoying it and I am too, then I suppose it is a win for all involved. Please make sure to check […]

Micro-Poetry #23

1: Abbreviated silhouettes, Scouring shadowed lands – Seeking those outstretched hands After the calm of the passing storm, In the heart which was torn; It’s blood leaking across the shadows Bringing warmth to them once more.   2: Futility lies within everyone’s soul, Feeling inadequate is second nature, Feeling deflated comes both day and night, […]

Micro-Poetry #22

1: Drenched is the heart, As is the soul – Soaked in the freshly-spilled blood of the past, Though they bathe, Choose to seek a sort of comfort, Spending hours in the liquid Until they’re stained completely red And their insides warmed through.   2: The mountainside holds a truth, A stoned pathway, spiralling upwards […]

Micro-Poetry #21

1: Guided by the flames, The ones that scorched my smile, Charcoaled my senses, Burned my desire. Though the very same ones: Light up the dark as they crackle, Light up the way – And I become one with their glow. Guided by the flames.   2: The sky becomes a canvass, On which the […]

Micro-Poetry #19

1: As the final flame dies out, Vanishes in the cloud of smoke – Realisation shall take centre-stage, Heat shall cease And the heart, The soul; Lungs, Will know: That it was worth playing with fire.   2: The wilting desire, Gathering like an army, Clustering at the spawn of hell-fire & bearing its wrath […]

Micro-Poetry #18

1: The fractured mirror ahead: Cracked and broken – Reflecting untruthfully: The look of the expression, Though the the truth does lie within: In the pain that it reflects.   2: A gathering of futility, A cluster of inflamed desire: Burnt to a crisp – Must not prevent the impending greatness, Must not charcoal the […]

Micro-Poetry #11

1: Have you ever felt the glint of twilight’s kiss? The sinful truths of starry bliss? Or just bitter realities as darkness swarms? As the futility of coldness never warms.   2: Shrouded in the feeling, A sensation which sometimes goes on unanswered; A present time filled with past embodiment, Shrouded in the bitter stinging […]

Micro-Poetry #10

1: Seeming impossible, To become, To wield, To be powerful – Though conquering life Comes at the weakest of times.   2: A blissful entrancement, An emancipation, Of the fleeting desire to become, Colliding as one, To the sound of death’s beating drum – Laying in the ground in a rot, Rotting to the sound […]

Micro-Poetry #9

1: The searching soul: Searching for untarnished lands, Places of innocent serenity; For outstretched hands And places without obscenity.   2: Remember: Smiling faces & loving touch, Beauty created with purest art brush. Each stroke gentle, Pure and true, Each stroke never Falling through. Forget: All that lies between.  

Micro-Poetry #3

Here are another two micro-poems! Today’s couple take on a more personal and motivating meaning, inspiring people to see the good in both themselves and the world that we live in. Enjoy! 1: Steel – Cold and true. Though when it belongs to you, Beneath birds that once flew: You must feel Coldness of steel. […]

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