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Micro-Poetry #39:

      This millennium of rainfall, Sweeping through my days Washing away all I hold dear; Though I embrace it For the thought of what could wash us away Must not scare us It is the thought of allowing it to that I fear. If you were lined up, With the pyramids, The towers, […]

Micro-Poetry #38

  This chasm I now reside in, Only grows vaster, deeper – Bringing on more solitude As your lips are taken away from me. I feel it all at once, It will never go away. Not until the day comes That you are back in my arms. So it still stands as true: It will […]

Micro-Poetry #37

      Hello all! I fear that this series is becoming a little stale now as it doesn’t seem to get much response, so please help me out. I want to create content that not only I enjoy producing but that you enjoy reading too. So please, if you enjoy my poetry and wish […]

Micro-Poetry #35

1: Scarred from the sun, Though also by the moon, Crafted in the light, Though also by the night.   2: They say that love makes the world go round, so does that mean that you and I are shortening the days with every love-filled breath we take?   3: A tumbleweed blows through my […]

Micro-Poetry #34

1: Gone are the days, In which life costs a limb, Bring present the days, In which watching the wind And feeling the rain as it ends one’s pain; Cleansing the skin – Is enough.   2: If your love was the Pacific Ocean, I’d take the plunge into its depths and reemerge anew.   […]

Micro-Poetry #33

1: Gone in the wind: My hopes, my desire, my destiny; Futile now become I As my soul is sucked dry – And the wind chimes chime again.   2: Searching for your love is like walking through my house in the dark: I can’t see where I’m going, but somehow I just know that […]

Micro-Poetry #32

1: The sand flies with little wings, Gliding like songbird as it sings; And as the tides crash against the grains once more, Only togetherness can prevent the inevitable Compactness sparing the grains.   2: I venture through the empty space – Seeking that familiar smile; Though the only thing I am capable of feeling […]

Micro-Poetry #31

1: Life is a game in which the weak will be swallowed whole and the strong shall narrowly avoid such fate. You must choose your own mental state: choose weakness and live in mediocrity. Or choose strength and live indefinitely.   2: If love is the light, Then will you be my lighthouse in these […]

Micro-Poetry #30

1: I long for it, To swim in the ocean that is your love; No matter the power of the tide Or strength of the storm. Oh how I wish that: My own love Had the buoyancy to stay afloat.   2: Let is be said that, It is the most dampened, Darkened; Drained souls, […]

Micro-Poetry #29

Hello beautiful reader! – yes, I’m talking to you. Today I’m going to try something a little different with these micro-poems, I’m going to make them very micro, like a three or four lines max, and see how that works out. The beautiful thing about micro-poetry for me, is having the ability to say so […]

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