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Tag / life

Micro-Poetry #10

1: Seeming impossible, To become, To wield, To be powerful – Though conquering life Comes at the weakest of times.   2: A blissful entrancement, An emancipation, Of the fleeting desire to become, Colliding as one, To the sound of death’s beating drum – Laying in the ground in a rot, Rotting to the sound […]

Micro-Poetry #9

1: The searching soul: Searching for untarnished lands, Places of innocent serenity; For outstretched hands And places without obscenity.   2: Remember: Smiling faces & loving touch, Beauty created with purest art brush. Each stroke gentle, Pure and true, Each stroke never Falling through. Forget: All that lies between.  

Micro-Poetry #8

1: Seemingly inevitable, Yet all at once far-fetched: Denial, refusal – To believe that the flames Burn brighter on the other side, That ashes rebirth broken souls.   2: A forest – Captivated in glinting light of moon, Captured within: Fearful town-folk as the shrieker shrieks And the darkness bears its fangs.  

Let’s Talk Motivation

Motivation… It’s a word that I hear often on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s due to a lack of it, sometimes it’s due to an abundance of it. Sometimes you find yourself so motivated that you feel as though all you want to do is work, work and work. Whereas other days, you find yourself […]

Micro-Poetry #7

1: Evolving memories, Spiralling, Into confusion, beyond sanity: A bottomless pit in which solitude Is the only entity.   2: I turned to you and kissed your lips, Though only in my imagination. The truth ran through me, Iced like a lake in winter – Freezing the warmth; Reminding me that you are nothing But […]

Micro-Poetry #3

Here are another two micro-poems! Today’s couple take on a more personal and motivating meaning, inspiring people to see the good in both themselves and the world that we live in. Enjoy! 1: Steel – Cold and true. Though when it belongs to you, Beneath birds that once flew: You must feel Coldness of steel. […]

Micro-Poetry #2

1: ¬†Rainfall on the landscape, Greyness in once clear skies – The darkness you shall escape, If you choose to see through brand new eyes.   2: ¬†Seemingly inevitable, At the same time futile: Array of solitude, Becomes a ray of sunlight – Clustered like a tree line.   3: ¬†Perpetual blindness of our realm […]


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