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Tag / inspiring

Micro-Poetry #26

1: Tame like the soul of a baby, The sky holds its own above me – Portraying blissfulness, Virtue, Untarnished beauty; As I stare up to it And become entranced by its presence.   2: The ringmaster cracks his whip, The captain salutes the sky, The king holds up a fist, The knight his almighty […]

Micro-Poetry #25

Hello again! Looks like I got some positive feedback on my last one of these – thank you for the support! In that case, I shall carry the series on. If you guys are enjoying it and I am too, then I suppose it is a win for all involved. Please make sure to check […]

Micro-Poetry #21

1: Guided by the flames, The ones that scorched my smile, Charcoaled my senses, Burned my desire. Though the very same ones: Light up the dark as they crackle, Light up the way – And I become one with their glow. Guided by the flames.   2: The sky becomes a canvass, On which the […]

The Keys to Success

Hello all! This post is simply a heads up. It’s to let you know of a new series that I will be starting on my blog called: The Keys to Success. I will be running this as well as my Micro-Poetry series, and I’ll be bringing you regular posts from each. I’m also going to […]

Lifetime Bliss

Darkness abound, The earth hath no sound For the trees in the ground, Lay still, beauty bound. The ever-growing twilight Seeps willingly in my sight, When luminosity meets dark: Tenebrosity – absurdly stark. Clouds dotted amongst the sky Effortlessly floating, growing nigh; Tranquility is all to hear As my lifetime bliss is growing near.  

Micro-Poetry #5

1: An abolishment: A glint of fortune’s rage, Becoming blossoming flower – As turmoil turns a page.   2: Heritage; Lavished contamination, Of entirety, Of nation; Of a land before sunlight, Before it dawned and shone its rays.   3: Twilight’s kiss among stars, Destiny of intertwinement. O’ how hath rage be thrown upon us? […]

Micro-Poetry #3

Here are another two micro-poems! Today’s couple take on a more personal and motivating meaning, inspiring people to see the good in both themselves and the world that we live in. Enjoy! 1: Steel – Cold and true. Though when it belongs to you, Beneath birds that once flew: You must feel Coldness of steel. […]

Micro-Poetry #2

1: ¬†Rainfall on the landscape, Greyness in once clear skies – The darkness you shall escape, If you choose to see through brand new eyes.   2: ¬†Seemingly inevitable, At the same time futile: Array of solitude, Becomes a ray of sunlight – Clustered like a tree line.   3: ¬†Perpetual blindness of our realm […]

Breathing But Not Living

The sound of silence is all I can hear. I watch the similar souls: looking but not seeing, hearing but not listening, talking with no voice and touching without feel. I stand and I take in the sights. And as the twilight wraps itself around me, I can’t help feeling that they are lost. Lost […]


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