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Micro-Poetry #21

1: Guided by the flames, The ones that scorched my smile, Charcoaled my senses, Burned my desire. Though the very same ones: Light up the dark as they crackle, Light up the way – And I become one with their glow. Guided by the flames.   2: The sky becomes a canvass, On which the […]

The Keys to Success

Hello all! This post is simply a heads up. It’s to let you know of a new series that I will be starting on my blog called: The Keys to Success. I will be running this as well as my Micro-Poetry series, and I’ll be bringing you regular posts from each. I’m also going to […]

Micro-Poetry #3

Here are another two micro-poems! Today’s couple take on a more personal and motivating meaning, inspiring people to see the good in both themselves and the world that we live in. Enjoy! 1: Steel – Cold and true. Though when it belongs to you, Beneath birds that once flew: You must feel Coldness of steel. […]

Mirroring Water

Flowing, falling; pounding on the ground, Seeping, crawling; creating peaceful sound. Gracing mountainside and making up the sea, Moulding to fit any shape it dare desires to be.   Filling lakes and swimming streams, Bringing life to plants and leaves. Growing far and yet growing nigh, Growing up there in the sky – A place […]


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