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Tag / how to be successful

The Keys to Success #17: Learn to Love Monday

DO NOT BE A COMPLAINER There is nothing, and I mean literally nothing, worse than someone who complains about anything and everything. Whether that means they go on social media and write status updates saying how tired and drained they are and how they just want to stay in bed forever. Or it could mean […]

The Keys to Success #15: Quit Talking and Do It!

Apologies for the severe lack of content over the past couple of months. I’ve been in a tough spot and had to really focus my attention on expanding my business in other areas, which meant I could not dedicate the amount of time I needed to to produce some good quality posts for you guys. […]

The Keys to Success #13: Resilience Among Sheep

It may be an overused, generic expression, but the whole be a lion as opposed to a sheep metaphor holds on wholly powerful message. If it’s success that you’re after, then you must avoid being or becoming a sheep. Don’t have sheep as your friends, don’t let their sheepish views influence you, fuck it, don’t […]


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