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Five Tell-Tale Signs You’ve Caught The Writing Bug

There’s a difference between being a writer and being a writer. Did you know that? We didn’t think so… Let’s put it in simpler terms. There’s a difference between a writer – in a general sense, who is creative and might write for a job or a hobby, and a writer – someone who lives […]

Writing Perils: The Reason Adverbs Are Seen As Bad

And how they’re very quickly, rapidly and effectively tarnishing your writing… * * * As you’ve probably discovered by now, this journey comes with many perils. Writing is hard. That’s a plain and simple fact. There’s so much to track and monitor, so many thoughts that buzz around your brain; so many ways in which […]

Getting Inspired: Two Poetry Prompts That Will Help

The Prompts Poem One: Scenery/Vibe: Surrounded by blue – deep, pain-free, emotionless blue. Poem’s Message: That much like swimming in the ocean, freedom lies in going with the flow.   Poem Two: Scenery/Vibe: There’s a door. It’s wide and thick. It’s right there – standing alone with nothing but air all around it. Poem’s Message: […]

The Truth Revealed: A writing Prompt

The Prompt You’re tired of telling the truth, because all she ever does is lie. And as you walk through your front door after a long day at work, that notion is very much confirmed. * * * What Next? Is it the obvious? Is it something totally different? You tell us. That’s the great […]

Self-Publishing Mishaps: Play The Waiting Game

Self-publishing is a wonderful thing. It gives writers from all over the world an opportunity to live their dreams. It gives an end goal – something to work on and aspire to; to live beside wearing a smile. It gives freedom – the freedom to self-express and present creations to the world. Yes, self-publishing is a wonderful […]

Making It As A Writer: Self-Doubt Is Ruining Your Chances

Making it as a writer is hard. Writers place so much expectation on themselves these days. They want to make it and want to make it fast, and this leads to them setting goals that could be seen as a little far-fetched. Sure, there are some writers out there who got one book deal and […]

A Change Of Scenery: Three Writing Prompts For The Poets

Here at Liam J Cross Writing & Editing, we support writers of every avenue – no matter who they are or what they write. If you’re someone who uses their wonderful imagination to string beautiful words together, you’re more than welcome here. Heck, you’re welcome here even if you don’t. We could really use the […]

Horror From Afar: Writing Prompt

The Prompt There is a lot to learn from inquisitiveness. And as you look through the binoculars, you find out just how much. * * * What Next? What do you see through the binoculars? Is it as terrifying as it sounds? Or is it something dumb and foolish? You’re the one who gets to […]

Writer’s Life: A Three-Step Plan For Structured Editing

One of the hardest parts of writing a book, is of course, the rewriting process. But what is it that makes it so hard? Well, it’s usually a lot to do with the structure of the process, or rather, the lack of it. It seems as though writers struggle with this, and feel as though […]

The Writing Life: Three Great Ways To Grow As A Writer

There are many ways to improve your writing, and we’re almost certain you’ve come across many of these list-based articles before… but just know that this one is different. This isn’t just any old list of passed-down information and general advice. It’s far from it. With this list, you’ll get three exercises that you can […]

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