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Micro-Poetry #14

1: Looking at the melancholic trees, I tilt thy head and ask the sky: How hath it come to this? Spending thy days in melancholy’s kiss; Thy nights in darkness’s bliss. 2: It whispers to me: The voice of the eternal past – It tells me the perpetual torture shall cease, If you choose to […]

Finding the Motivation to Write: You Must Write Everyday!

“A writer is not defined by his abilities when doing so, he is defined by his ability to do so consistently.” – This quote was written by me and it is certainly applicable to the message that I wish to portray in this post. Let’s face it, some days writing is just such a chore. […]

Random Blogging #10: My Upcoming Show

I cannot wait for this week to be over!!! You know why? No? Well let me tell you! The reason I can’t wait for this week to be over is because Sunday is the big day. The day that I have been waiting for since the start of this year. It’s the day of my […]

Random Blogging #1

Welcome to ‘Random Blogging’! A series of posts in which I ramble about anything and everything, as and when it crosses my mind. A showcase of my thoughts. It could be anything from something interesting that has happened in my day to an episode of random thoughts (which by-the-way, I seem to have in abundance…). […]

Opening Chapter of My First Novel: Subsiding Happiness

This is the opening chapter of my first novel: Subsiding Happiness – a tale of inner turmoil and profound melancholy. I started the novel midway through 2014 and I only just managed to finish my first draft at the end of 2015. Progress was slow and motivation was scarce. It was tough taking on a […]


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