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So, You’re Too Tired To Write…

False. There’s no such thing. * * * This excuse can come in a number of other ways too. ‘I don’t have time.’ ‘I’m busy tonight.’ ‘I’ll do it tomorrow.’ ‘I need to take a break.’ The thing with excuses is that they won’t make you a great writer. They won’t make you a great […]

Three Incredibly Useful Tips For Better Self-Editing

Ah the rewriting phase – that glorious time period that makes you want to have a nice soothing walk through the outdoors with just you and the crisply fresh air, so that you can locate the highest possible bridge from which to fling yourself.   It’s no secret that writers much prefer writing their story […]

Three Struggles Only a Writer Will Understand

As writers, we’re often referred to as some of the strangest, most misunderstood members of society, and it’s a theme that has certainly carried down from generation to generation. It’s probably to do with the creative lifestyle – always obsessing over a project and never being able to properly switch off. It’s like we have […]

The Keys to Success #17: Learn to Love Monday

DO NOT BE A COMPLAINER There is nothing, and I mean literally nothing, worse than someone who complains about anything and everything. Whether that means they go on social media and write status updates saying how tired and drained they are and how they just want to stay in bed forever. Or it could mean […]

Micro-Poetry #38

  This chasm I now reside in, Only grows vaster, deeper – Bringing on more solitude As your lips are taken away from me. I feel it all at once, It will never go away. Not until the day comes That you are back in my arms. So it still stands as true: It will […]

Micro-Poetry #37

      Hello all! I fear that this series is becoming a little stale now as it doesn’t seem to get much response, so please help me out. I want to create content that not only I enjoy producing but that you enjoy reading too. So please, if you enjoy my poetry and wish […]

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