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Micro-Poetry #19

1: As the final flame dies out, Vanishes in the cloud of smoke – Realisation shall take centre-stage, Heat shall cease And the heart, The soul; Lungs, Will know: That it was worth playing with fire.   2: The wilting desire, Gathering like an army, Clustering at the spawn of hell-fire & bearing its wrath […]

Searing Heat

  How hath the searing heat floundered the water? How hath time halted in purer sands? How does flame spawn son and daughter? Why dare sea neglect outstretched hands?   November glint, Triumph’s conquest: Fuelling the floundering flames, Participating in destiny’s games: Becoming one with the world; Stifling the turmoil within.  

A Random, Unedited Short Story

As I’m guessing you’ve seen the title of this post, I’m sure that you didn’t come here expecting great things – and trust me, you won’t be let down in that respect. I am writing this totally from the top of my head, totally from scratch, with no prior planning or even an idea of […]


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