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Writing Tips/Insights #14: Writing Poetry Makes For Good Storytelling

MY UNWRITTEN RULES OF WRITING Me personally, I’ve always been a huge believer of two key things when it comes to writing, and those things are: writing every single day in some way, shape or form, and also, branching out in your writing and walking into any unexplored avenue you uncover. My Philosophy behind it […]

Writing Tips/Insights #10: The Dreaded First Draft

First drafts… Well, where do I start? And that, coincidentally and rather ironically, is often the thought that I have when I first set out on the adventure of writing my first draft. Once you’ve outlined your plot and developed some character ideas and motives, it is usually about time to put pen to paper […]

You You Writing Tips/Insights #8: Write From the Heart

Passion, fire, love, hate, desire, inspiration – they’re all portrayed in your writing whether they’re intended or not. You don’t even have to directly write about them in order to have your reader read them. They can in fact become apparent in writing based on any topic, plot or genre and any length or style. […]

Fluttering Breeze

Under sunlight’s kiss & moonshine’s tease Stood there tall are abundant trees, Their leaves blown side to side with faintest ease By the all-seeing, ever-fluttering breeze.   But what scares me most, is not the wind, It is not the thought of evil sin. It is more the case of thoughtless minds That whispering truths […]


Amidst the sound of time, exists the sound of timelessness. A realm outside of the space time continuum. Where boundaries of realism are stretched and twisted, curled and intertwined – in ways that mere mortals can only begin to imagine. In ways that science can’t explain. That souls can’t explore. A space so dark that […]

Another Excerpt From My First Novel

This is an extract from my first novel. It is an ambiguous, reoccurring dream which my mentally ill protagonist suffers from after killing his young cousin. Enjoy! A dream: I ascended into the evening sky, beyond the feathery clouds. The stars were liberally caressing me as I became levitated, gravity had been subjugated, and it […]

An Unedited, Totally Improvised, Tension Piece:

Good evening ya’ll! I’m just sitting down to begin my evening writing session and I thought that I’d type a random short piece of writing and upload it totally raw. I hope to create a piece which contains a little tension and suspense. Maybe an element of horror too. I dunno, let’s just see what […]

The All-Important Rewriting Process

So you’ve finished the first draft of your piece of writing. You’ve spent a lot of time working on it and now you’re finally done. To you I say: well done! Give yourself a pat on the back, but the truth of the matter is, you aren’t done yet. Not by a long shot. All […]

Random Blogging #9: The First Draft is Done!

Today is a glorious day! No not the weather – we’re in England! But a glorious day because, today is the day during which I completed the first draft of my 2nd novel. Now give me my round of applause! I started writing it in February and now, here we are 3 months and 77,000 […]

A Quote

I came up with this quote the other day when I was looking back over my achievements over the past 6 months. This quote is one that I really need to learn and pay attention to myself, as it is often the thing which I struggle the most with. My two main struggles at the […]

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