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Writing Prompt: A Choice Between Right and Wrong

Helpful Little Creatures If you’ve never made use of a writing prompt before, you’re either one of two things; there are no alternatives. The first option, is that you’re simply a linguistic, novel-crafting genius who never runs out of new ideas and who always keeps their pen gliding across the page. Or two, and the […]

Two Writing Tips That Really Make a Difference

When it comes to writing, there are a whole number of things you must consider. some are incredibly difficult to grasp, whereas some are simple rules and formats when it comes to the proper use of language. Whatever the case though, one theme rings true throughout, and that is the fact that writing is hard. […]

Writing A Novel: Six Chronological Tips For Better Editing

Writing a book is like creating an entire new world. Only you use words instead of entities, punctuation instead of rivers and mountainous peaks, and characters instead of people – and you’re no God either. Writing a good book however, is a whole new ballgame. Writing a good book requires patience and skill to the […]

Writing Tips/Insights #15: Write Like No One is Reading

  YOU’RE NEVER GOING TO PLEASE EVERYBODY Writing, just like anything else in life, must be done to please oneself. Must be done to let one take the sinews of their heart and the breath of their soul, and transcribe them somehow onto the page before them. It’s one of my most favourite feelings in […]

Writing Tips/Insights #14: Writing Poetry Makes For Good Storytelling

MY UNWRITTEN RULES OF WRITING Me personally, I’ve always been a huge believer of two key things when it comes to writing, and those things are: writing every single day in some way, shape or form, and also, branching out in your writing and walking into any unexplored avenue you uncover. My Philosophy behind it […]

Micro-Poetry #39:

      This millennium of rainfall, Sweeping through my days Washing away all I hold dear; Though I embrace it For the thought of what could wash us away Must not scare us It is the thought of allowing it to that I fear. If you were lined up, With the pyramids, The towers, […]

Mastering the Art of the Dialogue Tag

  A guest-post by Ryan Lanz Writers use dialogue tags constantly. In fact, we use them so often that readers all but gloss over them. They should be invisible. However, there are ways to misuse them and make them stand out. In an effort to avoid that, let’s take a closer look at dialogue tags. […]

Micro-Poetry #38

  This chasm I now reside in, Only grows vaster, deeper – Bringing on more solitude As your lips are taken away from me. I feel it all at once, It will never go away. Not until the day comes That you are back in my arms. So it still stands as true: It will […]

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