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Tag / dark

Micro-Poetry #23

1: Abbreviated silhouettes, Scouring shadowed lands – Seeking those outstretched hands After the calm of the passing storm, In the heart which was torn; It’s blood leaking across the shadows Bringing warmth to them once more.   2: Futility lies within everyone’s soul, Feeling inadequate is second nature, Feeling deflated comes both day and night, […]

An Excerpt From my Novel

Here is an excerpt from a novel that I am still currently writing. It is a crime fiction/thriller novel and it is my second in that genre. This is still very much a first draft and I haven’t checked through this section – so please, go easy on me! But, as always, all feedback is […]


Torture your spirit, your soul, Follow turmoil into black hole. Which mortal being or tool, Could forge such a beast so bitter cruel? Which mortal could bear to feel, Extent of power which it wields? An age of dark without the spark, An age of black in which light lacks. A kindred feeling to that […]


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