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Writing Tips/Insights #10: The Dreaded First Draft

First drafts… Well, where do I start? And that, coincidentally and rather ironically, is often the thought that I have when I first set out on the adventure of writing my first draft. Once you’ve outlined your plot and developed some character ideas and motives, it is usually about time to put pen to paper […]

Writing Tips/Insights #3: Write the Book You Want to Read

Have you ever tried writing in a genre that you don’t particularly enjoy? Or don’t enjoy at all for that matter? Even if it’s just a couple of thousand words? Well, as a ghostwriter, I certainly have and let me tell you: it is nowhere near as fun as writing in your favourite genre or […]

Writing Tips/Insights #2: Dare to be Different

This one pretty much applies to every walk in life, to every avenue throughout your journey, but that doesn’t make it any less relevant or any less applicable to writing for that matter. The fact of the matter is, different is always the aim. Uniqueness, I feel, is always better than just being a sheep […]


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