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The Keys to Success #10: Believe and Achieve

I’m sure that you’re all wholly familiar with this expression. It is widely used by motivational speakers and gurus far and nigh, and although it is rather generic and lacking uniqueness – there is an element of truth to the perhaps overused expression. The main message behind it is all to do with self-belief. That […]

Writing Tips/Insights #7: Don’t Succumb to Tradition

Writing. It’s like any ¬†other specialty or craft out there – there’ll always be those people who insist that there is a right and wrong way to do it. And in some cases, I believe that to be true. There are some things to avoid (mainly because the publishing world isn’t keen on them) and […]

Writing Tips/Insights #5: Writers Unite!

There’s nothing worse than feeling alone. I’m telling you this from experience. There’s nothing worse than feeling as if there’s no one to turn to, as if there’s no one there. As if they never were, as if they never will be. Being stuck in a room full of people, a place so packed with […]

The Keys to Success #5: Be Motivated by Success Itself

Being successful takes way more than just wanting to be successful. Wanting to be successful is simply a notion. A concept. Some people want it, but never do anything about it. Others want it so bad that they will stop at nothing to achieve it. Some people are satisfied by simple things. By mediocrity. Well, […]

The Keys to Success #4: Take the Hardest, Most Uneven Road

I believe that there are two types of people on this earth: those who do things the easy way. And those that do things properly. There is no in between. It’s sad but true that in this day and age people just expect, expect and expect some more. People feel like they just deserve everything, […]

The Keys to Success #1: Realising Who YOU Truly Are

I think it’s an easy thing to do in life: to become distracted by everyday dry spells and lose focus on what really matters. To become so absorbed in social-media and the lives of others that we forget to focus on the life that really matters – our own! We forget to work, we forget […]


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