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Writing A Novel: Two Ways To Strengthen Character Voice

Writing a novel is like exploring a forest… There are many different paths, many of them carved out by those who explored before you, and you aren’t quite sure which one to take. Maybe it’s none of them. There’s also a lot of unexplored shrubbery, and you could maybe carve your own way through. You’re […]

Three Incredibly Useful Tips For Better Self-Editing

Ah the rewriting phase – that glorious time period that makes you want to have a nice soothing walk through the outdoors with just you and the crisply fresh air, so that you can locate the highest possible bridge from which to fling yourself.   It’s no secret that writers much prefer writing their story […]

Micro-Poetry #27

Hello everyone! Here are some more micro-poems for you to enjoy. Please give this post a like if you want to see more and don’t forget to follow my blog to keep up to date. All feedback is greatly appreciated, I’d love to hear what you think down in the comments section! 1: Once there […]

Writing Tips/Insights #3: Write the Book You Want to Read

Have you ever tried writing in a genre that you don’t particularly enjoy? Or don’t enjoy at all for that matter? Even if it’s just a couple of thousand words? Well, as a ghostwriter, I certainly have and let me tell you: it is nowhere near as fun as writing in your favourite genre or […]

Writing Tips/Insights #2: Dare to be Different

This one pretty much applies to every walk in life, to every avenue throughout your journey, but that doesn’t make it any less relevant or any less applicable to writing for that matter. The fact of the matter is, different is always the aim. Uniqueness, I feel, is always better than just being a sheep […]

Fluttering Breeze

Under sunlight’s kiss & moonshine’s tease Stood there tall are abundant trees, Their leaves blown side to side with faintest ease By the all-seeing, ever-fluttering breeze.   But what scares me most, is not the wind, It is not the thought of evil sin. It is more the case of thoughtless minds That whispering truths […]

The One That Never Was

Here is my first attempt at writing romantic poetry, or anything romantic for that matter. It is a tad long… Hope you enjoy! Hand in hand we walk As the skies begin to talk, As the sun and cloudless air Bear witness to my love and care. I turn to you and try to speak […]

An Excerpt From My Play

Hello! Here we have the second scene of my play: Subsiding Happiness – the plot of which I stole from that of my first novel (well, it’s mine so technically it isn’t stolen, but you get what I mean…) I have a meeting soon with a guy who runs a local theatre company in which […]

Mirroring Water

Flowing, falling; pounding on the ground, Seeping, crawling; creating peaceful sound. Gracing mountainside and making up the sea, Moulding to fit any shape it dare desires to be.   Filling lakes and swimming streams, Bringing life to plants and leaves. Growing far and yet growing nigh, Growing up there in the sky – A place […]


Amidst the sound of time, exists the sound of timelessness. A realm outside of the space time continuum. Where boundaries of realism are stretched and twisted, curled and intertwined – in ways that mere mortals can only begin to imagine. In ways that science can’t explain. That souls can’t explore. A space so dark that […]

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