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Micro-Poetry #14

1: Looking at the melancholic trees, I tilt thy head and ask the sky: How hath it come to this? Spending thy days in melancholy’s kiss; Thy nights in darkness’s bliss. 2: It whispers to me: The voice of the eternal past – It tells me the perpetual torture shall cease, If you choose to […]

Micro-Poetry #9

1: The searching soul: Searching for untarnished lands, Places of innocent serenity; For outstretched hands And places without obscenity.   2: Remember: Smiling faces & loving touch, Beauty created with purest art brush. Each stroke gentle, Pure and true, Each stroke never Falling through. Forget: All that lies between.  

Micro-Poetry #4

1: Snowfall on the tide, Gleaming whiteness in pride; As stormier shores try hide, Know that in purity you can confide.   2: Un-cracked pavements: Of subliminal afterthoughts, Of sins, Of virtue; Virtuous paths of righteousness.   3: Flames: Burning a hole in freedom’s reign, Extinguished by downpour of rain, And the light of atoned […]

Random Blogging #1

Welcome to ‘Random Blogging’! A series of posts in which I ramble about anything and everything, as and when it crosses my mind. A showcase of my thoughts. It could be anything from something interesting that has happened in my day to an episode of random thoughts (which by-the-way, I seem to have in abundance…). […]


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