Here are another few quotes of mine that I would like to share with you:

#1 “The last thing you want to do is quite often the first thing you NEED to do. So start now, and harness your dreams!”

#2 – “Do not allow the true notion of happiness to become corrupted by the pessimistic values of today’s society.”

#3 – “Never fear failure, for without failure there would be no mistakes. And without mistakes, we would have nothing to learn from.”

#4 – “Writing is a release from our usual realm. It’s a way to explore ones inner-self, ones imagination and ones creative capacity. It grants us the ability to speak through a voice which does not belong to us, to see through a fresh pair of eyes that are not tainted with the corruption that exists in our world. It is a teleporter to another dimension. Ultimately, writing is FREEDOM.”

Hope you enjoyed, and as always: happy writing!

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