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For the Writers

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Be they aspiring or otherwise.

Writing is a wonderful world to become involved in. It not only frees your soul and lets your heart have a taste of what it truly longs for, but it also provides an escape; an outlet. Writing is that place you run to when the world becomes too much to deal with. We escape this by creating a new world. A world of our own. A world where it’s normal to talk to yourself. A world where you can eat as many donuts as you want and not get fat.

Back to what I wrote just above that paragraph: I think it’s a load of rubbish. You see, thing is, I don’t believe there’s any such thing as an ‘aspiring writer’. There are only writers. You’re only aspiring to do something if you aren’t currently doing it. It’s all on you. If you write, and write frequently, you’re a writer.

If you neglect those duties, maybe then you could call yourself an aspiring writer. I don’t know about you, but I think writer sounds so much better.

The Truth Lies Ahead

Three White Ceramic Pots With Green Leaf Plants Near Open Notebook With Click Pen on TopThe truth – that’s what you came here to receive. And truth is, that’s exactly what you shall be getting.

Forget articles like these. Articles that cover the how-tos and the what-it-takes. Forget articles that try to give you rules to stick by and things you must include. Forget anything that tries to tell you you cannot be a writer.

There are no circumstances, for anyone in the entire world, that can prevent them from being a writer. Your background is irrelevant, your ability levels are irrelevant, and what some random guy tries telling you in an online article is especially irrelevant.

Unless, of course, it comes from me…

In it’s simplest form, writing is the act of stringing words together to free your soul. So if that is your intention, and if that’s what you do, guess what? You made it. You’re a writer now. Congrats.

Nothing To It But To Do It

arm, desk, handThere’s all this world of wonder and all these lands to explore, but even with all that, there’s only one thing that will truly define you as a writer. It’s not about your ability, or your natural talent, or even if you get anything published. The only thing that will define you as a true writer, is your ability to do just that.


Writer is as writer does. So guess what? Go write.

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