On this day of thought and reflection, we look back into the past and remember the poor souls who gave their lives so that we could live ours, who gave their freedom so that we could be free; who gave their tomorrow so that we could have our today.

R.I.P to all of the brave souls who gave – and continue to give – their lives for us, you shall always be remembered; your sacrifice never forgotten.

Lest we forget!


A poem:

In Honour of the Fallen:


Bewitched in true torture –

The mind races and skin crawls with fear,

As the gunshots echo

And mortar fire grows near,

Then blood starts to appear,

It is spilled on innocent lands,

Nations holding hands;

Laying peacefulness to bed

With unmeasured bloodshed.

You must spare a thought in your head,

Ahead of yourself you must not get;

For without them, there is no us

Without them we are yet –

To exist as beings, free and true

With very little fret,

Able to live our tomorrows through their souls,

So Lest We Forget.

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