Today is a glorious day! No not the weather – we’re in England! But a glorious day because, today is the day during which I completed the first draft of my 2nd novel. Now give me my round of applause!

I started writing it in February and now, here we are 3 months and 77,000 words later and it is finished. That feels good to type right now. I’ve literally just finished my writing session and just finished typing the final words of my first draft. I feel accomplished. I feel excited. But most of all: I feel ready. Ready to refocus myself and prepare my mind for the work that is yet to commence. And by that I mean the rewriting process.

So, I plan to take a little time away from my first draft. At least a week, at the most a month. I’m not sure how long yet, it just depends how I feel. If I’m itching to get going after a week then I will begin, if I reach a month and I just don’t really feel like it, I’ll give it another couple of weeks. But if by that time I still don’t want to, I’ll just have to pull my finger out and get on with it – otherwise I’ll never get it rewritten!

I’m going to work on my poetry and short-stories at the moment. I will upload some of them onto here if I feel they are good enough (the short-story will definitely be uploaded). And I’m also going to devise a list of tips which I feel come in useful when embarking on the journey of rewriting, so stay tuned for that.

Other than that, that’ll all I have to say folks! I’m proud but never satisfied. I’ll enjoy my time away from this novel but I will enjoy the rewriting process even more. I am ready to face the challenge of striving for perfection, even though it can never be achieved in literature because different people have different tastes. But it’s my novel, so I’m going to make it as close to perfect – by my standards – as I can. And from there we’ll see what the future holds.

The sky is the limit!

The paper is your opportunity!

Now go fill it with something beautiful.

Happy writing.

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