Today, I was driving to Asda – which is something that I do most days – and on the way I was greeted by a moment of hilarity (as you can probably tell by the title) and I am going to share with you that moment right now!

As I took the slip road for Asda and rounded the first roundabout, I noticed two cyclists waiting to cross the road at a set of traffic lights. They were on the drivers side, which meant that they were easily visible – even in the bright, midday sunlight.

The light was on green, so, thinking nothing of it, I carried on driving through it, singing away to my music. As I was just about to pass through the lights, the male cyclist (the other was female) decided that he was going to cross the road – even though the light was still on green. It wasn’t exactly a good idea on his behalf…

I was forced to slam on my brakes, I stopped just in time. He had seen me just as he had lifted his standing foot to begin pedalling, so he had managed to hold back and avoid becoming a pile of bloody mush on the hot dusty concrete.

But that’s not the point, I was still furious, despite him managing to stop himself just in the nick of time! I shouted through my open window an array of, shall we say colourful vocabulary, before angrily shaking my head and waving him across.

As he was halfway across the road, he began laughing hysterically, eyes still focussed directly on me. This pissed me off even more! For a second I grabbed the door handle, ready to jump out of my car and give him what for. That’ll teach him to laugh at me, stupid SOB!!!

But then, as I looked a little closer, I realised why he was laughing… I studied his face carefully, and even though he was wearing a helmet and a pair of sunglasses, it was a face that I would recognise anywhere…

Right there in front of me, laughing hysterically in the middle of the road after I had nearly just ran him over, was Mr. Smith – my old Geography teacher. And that was it, my laughter began. For a second, I thought that we were going to stay stuck in this exact time frame, laughing manically at each other. But then he shot me a smile and an equally polite wave, and then turned to pedal off, still smiling as he did so.

My laughter carried on for the rest of my journey to Asda, and it even stayed with me as I went into the supermarket. Well, if anything, it did help to brighten up my grocery shopping. I fucking hate grocery shopping…

So, there it is: a brief, maybe 30 seconds of hilarity, that managed to compensate for the rest of my incredibly BORING day. Thanks for the giggle, Mr. Smith!

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