I cannot wait for this week to be over!!!

You know why? No? Well let me tell you!

The reason I can’t wait for this week to be over is because Sunday is the big day. The day that I have been waiting for since the start of this year. It’s the day of my bodybuilding show, the main one of my season. The one that I’ve been dieting for for almost six months now.

I cannot wait until I finish work on Saturday. I’m going to come home and do nothing but relax. And then in the morning it’ll be time to head to the show and finish my final coat of tan. And then it’s stage time!

So as you can probably imagine, this week is a busy one, so that is my reason (or excuse rather) for a lack of creative content on here! But I promise, I’ll do the best that I can!

Hope everyone has had a pleasant and productive day! I hope that you’ve made it count!

Happy writing folks!

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