Liam J Cross

Specialist Coaching That’s Tailored To You

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have access to your very own editor seven days a week, three-hundred and sixty-five days a year? Have you ever wished you had someone who is there to work with you side-by-side? Someone to answer all your questions? To provide you with writing-specific guidance? Have you ever wished for an expert mind to show you how your work could be improved on a weekly basis?

Well… stop wishing. Now you can have all of those things – and so much more.

We believe in writers; we want writers to believe in themselves too.

We know that it’s tough to stay on track these days. With social media poking you in the side of the face every ten seconds, how can you be expected to get any writing done at all? From imposter-syndrome to writer’s block to self-doubt to a general lack of inspiration – writing is a long and lonely road. But now it doesn’t have to be.

Let’s walk that road together!


  • Will be done on a one-to-one basis with Liam, our founder.
  • All questions answered – no matter how big or small.
  • One weekly Skype call – Q&A + Analysis of assignments.
  • Daily check-ins via email or IG messaging (or anywhere you like).
  • Three thousand words of line editing per month – on WIP.
  • Marketing/social media growth strategies.
  • Motivational ‘talks’ whenever they’re needed.

The Process:

Hi! Liam here. Let me talk you through the process:

  • The whole thing will start with a three-thousand word review. I will find out what genre/genres you write in, and will inquire about your goals when it comes to writing/your current publication status.
  • From there, I will set out a weekly plan that is tailored specifically to you. If you want to work side-by-side to write a novel, we could do that. But if not, we will set writing tasks that specifically relate to your goals/genre. For example: For a crime/thriller/horror writer, I might ask them to write a one thousand word short story that really focuses on using short, snappy sentences to create tension and fast pace. I will then review that work, and make amendments/suggestions on how it could be improved.
  • The process will vary from week to week, sometimes focusing on style and pacing, other times focusing on punctuation and word choice – I’ll be adapting the assignments based on your progress.
  • I will set monthly reading goals based on your genre, making sure you begin to master the art of the genre you want to be successful in.
  • We will work on marketing plans together, coming up with strategies that we’ll put together to market your work and grow your social presence.
  • I will teach you about editing, and what strategies work best when it comes to editing your own work.Pricing and intricacies:
  • £50.00 per week – split into payments of £100.00 every second Sunday.
  • Everything will be contracted and non-disclosure agreements will be signed.
  • Payment is made based on how many weeks you wish to work with me for, and will be made once every two weeks. First payment of £100.00 is made before we begin.
  • Minimum of six weeks – can cancel/reschedule after that period based on your schedule and income.

If that sounds good to you, and like something you’re ready for at this stage in your career, let’s talk in further detail. You can schedule a free, no-obligations call with me here.

If you’re ready to take your writing career to the next level… I’ll see you on the other side!

-Liam J Cross


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