It’s important for writers to know that they’re getting an editor with lots of experience, someone who has dedicated thousands of hours to perfecting their craft, and portfolio pages are a great way to see those hours in translation.

Below you will find a list of the published books I’ve worked on as an editor. These are books that I’ve shadowed in great detail, working closely with each author to bring out the best of their narrative voice. That’s my role as an editor – I never change the book, I just make what’s already there shine.

Please take a look at the list to see what hours and hours of continuous work looks like as a finished product. Who knows? Maybe your book will be on this list someday.

* * *

Millie McDine by Margaret Scrowther

Millie McDine has always been a wild, wilful girl, but a dark shadow hangs over her life. When she finds out from her dying grandmother that she isn’t, in fact, an orphan, she decides to search for her birth mother, but in doing so meets a man from her past who means her harm.

Can Millie discover the secrets that have been kept from her and escape her past?

See Margaret’s review of my services here.

* * *

Seductive Dreams 2: The Prophecy Continues by Miss Tee Lane

Seductive Dreams 2: The Prophecy Continues PaperbackSeductive Dreams II, The Prophecy Continues, picks up right where the first book left off. This time, the reader is introduced the sexy and mysterious Kali, who also has a dark side that attracts Brooklyn.

Back in New York, Shonte has her own demons to face.

Will Shonte and Brooklyn find out what Kali is hiding before it’s too late?

See Miss Tee’s review of my services here.

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