Liam J Cross

No matter how much your brain may try to convince you that you aren’t…

It’s a daunting thought, taking the leap out into the open and announcing your new-found status as a writer to the world – so it’s no wonder some people try to hide from said status.

There are a whole host of reasons that could cause someone to fear tagging themselves as a writer, but the main one is a fear of the judgement others might pass on them.

It can paralyze people, the thought of being told their work isn’t up to scratch – especially after they’ve put themselves out there as a writer. How am I supposed to call myself a writer when, clearly, I can’t write? You might ask yourself. Well, to answer that, one person’s opinion does not define your abilities as a creative.

There’s no room for growth when you move through your journey in such a way. The first step is realising your issue, and realising your fear. The second is dropping that fear –  right on its goddamn head.

Drop the Tag, Drop the Fear

A lot of people tend to fall back on using a certain word in their bios (or when talking to other people) when they’re describing themselves and who they are. The word I’m referring to here is ‘aspiring’.

People will refer to themselves as an ‘aspiring writer’ – but, to me, that makes zero sense.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you wouldn’t call yourself an aspiring chef if you worked in a restaurant’s kitchen cooking food, would you? So why call yourself an aspiring writer when you work on the blank pages cooking up fiction? It’s crazy. It’s reckless. And it’s downright bonkers.

You cannot aspire to be what you already are. That is what you need to appreciate here. If you are something, if you live and breathe it and never ever think about giving it in, you aren’t aspiring to it. You are it.

You are a writer.

Don’t Hide From What You Are

You have no reason to fear this. You have no reason to fear owning up to your truth.

This is the most important part, because it’s right here that you’ll see the true meaning behind this article. The reason living your truth is so important, is because you only get one shot at it. You only get one truth and you only get one life. Why would you ruin such a beautiful opportunity by letting fear get in the way of you and your heart’s desires?

The answer is: you wouldn’t. Or, at least you aren’t going to anymore.

Live It, Breathe It; Be It

adult, air, beautifulOne thing that shines above all else, is a person who lives their truth and doesn’t give a damn about what anyone thinks about that. They move through life living and breathing their passions; doing the things they love for the sake of joy and fulfillment. Those two things are worth way more than any amount of money.

So, this is where it’s at. Find your truth and stick to it. Realise that you are a writer, not an aspiring writer or a writing in practice – just a freaking writer. Don’t hide behind a tag, don’t kid yourself; don’t run scared because @SammyBoi584 said your poem sucked.

Just knuckle down and live your truest truth. Because, you know what? If nothing else, you owe it to your goddamn self.


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