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Writing is one of those passions that’s difficult to stick to. It’s like most forms of art – there’s no real way to measure success. At least not without feeling like a complete and utter failure in the process…

You could measure your progress based on your published status, sure. But then again, with self-publishing taking the industry by storm, all that means is that you have enough money to make that happen.

Okay, so what about basing it on traditional publication? This could work, however, it sort of depends on a lot more than just the status of your book deal. It depends on the prestige of the publisher; the success of the book; the reviews of the story – it’s more than just traditional publication.

So what else is there?

You could base it on how much money you make, or on how many people read your work. Sure, that sounds more like it. If you’re rich and famous and have millions of people reading your book, then that means you’re successful, right?

Well… not always.

* * *

It’s About How Rich Writing Makes You

And this time, we aren’t talking in monetary terms…

You see, success in writing is all to do with personal fulfillment. It’s not about money or fame or a great book deal – it’s about feeling accomplished in what you’re doing and loving every single twist and turn along the way.

Now, this is where your personal preferences come into it.

Success is different for all of us, so this might mean that you are someone who defines success as the aforementioned rarer things that come with writing. You might only consider yourself successful once you’ve signed that huge book deal and made your first million.

That might be what fulfillment looks like to you, and that’s totally fine.

We just wanted to answer this question for a broader audience. Truth is, the vast majority of writers out there won’t even make a grand from writing, let alone a million, and that’s why we wanted to clear things up. We want to teach you to define success based on your own vision of it.

* * *

It’s All About What You Feel

Put it this way: if you write for the plain and simple love of the craft, and have no intention of even attempting publication, then congratulations – you’re a successful writer.

And on the other end of the spectrum: maybe you are a published writer, and have sold millions and millions of books worldwide, and have made a killing in the process… then congratulations – you’re a successful writer, too.

Do you see where we’re going with this?

So long as you find satisfaction in this game – so long as it makes your heart flutter and your soul scream – you are the definition of a successful writer. And please, don’t let anyone have you believing otherwise.

* * *

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