For A Writer’s Path’s Writing Club Members

Liam J Cross

So I’m guessing you’re here from Ryan Lanz’s fantastic writing club, and are looking to get your hands on a free 5,000 word sample edit? Well congratulations, you have successfully reached your designated destination.

(Side note: if you aren’t already a member over at the writing club, be sure to check it out. If you use the code LC1Q56 upon becoming a member you’ll get your hands on a free book promotion over on Ryan’s twitter, and a free shout-out from me on my poetry IG account with almost 3.5k followers!)

Here at Liam-J-Cross Writing & Editing, one of my main motivations in doing what I do is my love of helping people; I love sending people on their way with polished manuscripts and smiling faces. So based on that, I thought to myself, ‘what can I do to help people even more, to give back to the writing community?’ – and thus, mine and Ryan’s partnership was born.

How does this work, you ask? Well, just bear with me, I’m about to outline the process.

A Writer’s Path club members can submit their documents to me and they will be added to my sample editing queue. When submitting, please select the 5,000 words from your novel or short-story that you wish to have edited and put them into a separate document. The first 5,000 words would be preferable but there are no restrictions as long as the words are consecutive and aren’t a mishmash of different parts of the story that are jammed into one document. You can go a little over too, say for example if you want to send the first three chapters and the word count of the three combined spills into the 5,000s – don’t worry, that won’t be an issue.

Of course, there are restrictions and regulations, just like with anything that needs to be kept under some sort of control. They are as follows:

  • Writers can only submit a document for a sample edit once every nine months, otherwise you could just submit again and again and eventually get a full edit (around 150 hours of work) for free.
  • Since these will be carried out in chronological order, those who are later to submit may have to wait a little longer to receive their edit, as it will take me a fair while to work through them.
  • The submissions window may have to be closed from time to time, depending on my commitments with clients and contracted work – there will be a notification at the top of the page if this is the case.
  • Through using me for a sample edit, you will automatically qualify for a 15% discount if you choose to proceed with a fully comprehensive, purchased edit.


That’s about all there is to it really. If you’d rather jump the queue, or want to go ahead with a full edit right away, click here to view my editing packages and other services.

Send your submissions to my email address that I’ve included below, and make sure that you use the code that you got from Ryan as the subject of the email – that way I’ll know you are eligible for the sample edit. Please attach your 5,000 words as a Word document.

Get that email sent pronto. I’ll see you on the other side, in a land filled with smiles, lots of coffee, and perfectly polished sample edits!